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Last updated:
October 19, 2001

Anders Eriksson


Stuvade makaronis with meatballs.

Okey, another makaroni one, but with a smeggy white substance ;)

What you need to make this meal:

  • Alot of makarnonis (~10 min cooking time..) Cost: $0.2
  • Milk fot the stuvning. Cost: $0.5
  • A tomato. Cost: $0.2
  • A bit of cucumber. Cost: $0.1
  • Pearjuice to drink. Cost: $0.3
  • A schitzel. Cost: $0.5
  • Some butter for fryingpan and stuvning. Cost: $0.3
  • Flour for the stuvning. Cost: $0.1
  • Cheese! Cost: $1
In total it costs $2.3 to make.

Coming up are some pictures to illustrate the cookingsteps. Please note: There is a another variant of this, called "mjokstuvning" but I really don't like that myself.


Bring out the fryingpan, sausepan, knife, meatballs flour and milk.


First cook the makaronis and fry the meatballs, when the makaronis are done, pour them away and start doing the stuvning. Melt the butter, add the flour and whip it to a smeggy consistence, add flour until the butter cant take more, then add the milk and whip it to a julloy discusting consistence..

Filling up!

Now salt a bit and add the cooked makaronis to this! blend it well so you have nice discusting makaroni mess. :-)

Do we dare?

Oh yes. It doesn't look good, but it's delicious! With some Heinz ketchup on this.. mmm..

Made and photographed: June 18, 2000