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Last updated:
October 19, 2001

Anders Eriksson


Korvstroganoff with rice

Anohter sausage meal, this time a bit different. You can use falukorv or normal "hot dogs" as well, it has the same result.

What you need to make this meal:

  • Rice (~20 min cookingtime). Make a big load, twice as much water as rice is a good rule. Cost: $0.2
  • Falukorv or hot dog sausage. Cost: $0.5
  • A tomato. Cost: $0.2
  • A bit of cucumber. Cost: $0.1
  • Plenty of milk to drink and for the sausage. Cost: $0.5
  • Cheap ketchup. Cost: $0.1
  • Heinz ketchup. Cost: $0.1
  • Some butter for fryingpan. Cost: $0.1
In total it costs $1.8 to make.

Coming up are some pictures to illustrate the cookingsteps.


Here's what you need to get started. Bit of sausage, fryingpan, spatula, tomato, cucumber, sausepan.


While the water is boiling up, we should slice the sausage in thin "pins" as seen on the picture. If you do this from falukorv or hotdog sausage doesn't matter.

When the water begins to boil, it takes 20 min for the rice to get ready, start to heat up the fryingpan after approx 7-8 minutes of the rice cooking time. Meanwhile you wait, slice the tomato and cucumber.

Final step

You should fry the sausage gently, not too much, it shouldn't get crispy. When you're done with that, add milk and the cheap ketchup. You should get plenty of sauce and the colour should be light red. Add spices as well, I prefer to have onion as a spice, however adding real onion work just as well or better. Salt and pepper and cayenne pepper if you want it a bit hot.


The dinner is ready! Also notice the "knackebrod" sandwich, this is a swedish speciality that totally rules.

Made and photgraphed: May 31, 2000