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Last updated:
October 19, 2001

Anders Eriksson


Schnitzel with rice

Here's a non-swedish type of meal. And really this is not in class of real good schnitzels you find at resurants in germany..

What you need to make this meal:

  • Rice (~20 min cookingtime). Make a big load, twice as much water as rice is a good rule. Cost: $0.2
  • Schnitzel. Cost: $0.5
  • A tomato. Cost: $0.2
  • A bit of cucumber. Cost: $0.1
  • Plenty of milk to drink. Cost: $0.5
  • Sauce. Cost: $0.3
  • An egg. Cost: $0.15
  • Some butter for fryingpan. Cost: $0.1
In total it costs $1.9 to make.

Coming up are some pictures to illustrate the cookingsteps. I forgot to photograph the sauce cooking so there are only two pics here.

Doing it.

Load up with fryingpan, two sausepans and other useful tools. Start cooking the rice, when it's beein going approx 7-8 minutes, heat up the fryingpan and do the schnitzel. A good tip is to fry the schnitzel at low heat so it get well done, and at the end heat up a bit extra to get a crispy surface. While the schnitzel and rice is being made, slice the tomato and cucumber.

The schnitzel shold be ready a couple of minutes before the rice, in this time fix the sauce.

The grand finale.. the eating of course. Here we've choosen "cheese" schnitzel, which adds a bit extra taste (yummy!) and served with a click of yello.

Made and photgraphed: June 01, 2000