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Last updated:
October 19, 2001

Anders Eriksson
Very welcome.. the cooking domains of an Atari freak. Here I'll present you with some easy cooking stuff, perfect if you're a lazy coder which has gotten tired of pizza every day.

Latest site updates:

October 19, 2001:
Ha ha ha, it seems a popular website started linking to this place , and our poor hitrate went bazookas :-) Perhaps it's time to start updating this site again with more silly cooking tips.
Until then, have fun browsing thru these things, and a few of these recepies are actually quite tasty!

August 19, 2000:
A little counter added.

August 18, 2000:
The site has changed host, the new url is:
Site has been recoded to use PHP instead of JSP.

July 11, 2000:
Stuvade makaroner added.

July 11, 2000:
Potato gratang added.

July 11, 2000:
Spagetthi bolognese added.

July 11, 2000:
Added links in this newslisting.

June 14, 2000:
Makaroner with knäppkorv uploaded.

June 13, 2000:
Köttgryta with rice uploaded.

June 13, 2000:
Makaroner with burger uploaded.

June 01, 2000:
Schnitzel with rice uploaded.

May 31, 2000:
Korvstroganoff with Rice meal uploaded.

May 30, 2000:
New site uploaded, now JSP'ed and modulebuilt - easy to add new sections.

May 30, 2000:
Egg Mc Bacon uploaded

May 29, 2000:
First initial preview of the page was uploaded, consisted of the makarois and falukorv.