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Last updated:
October 19, 2001

Anders Eriksson


Potato gratang with schnitzel.

This one is for unlazy coders! It takes about 90 minutes to make!

What you need to make this meal:

  • Potatos, about 400gram per person. Cost: $0.2
  • Cream. Cost: $0.5
  • A tomato. Cost: $0.2
  • A bit of cucumber. Cost: $0.1
  • Plenty of milk to drink. Cost: $0.4
  • A schitzel. Cost: $0.5
  • Some butter for fryingpan. Cost: $0.1
  • Cheese! Cost: $1
In total it costs $3 to make.

Coming up are some pictures to illustrate the cookingsteps. Please note that the gratang is for two persons here..


What you need: potatoes, owen form, cream, sharp knife and an onion.

Chopping and slicing

Start with slicing the potatoes in approx 2mm thick slices, then chop the onion into small pieces. Also greae up the form so the gratang won't stick so badly to it.

Filling up!

Start with a layer of potatoes and onion, then salt/pepper it.. also garleak spices are WONDERFUL if you have some. Then add a thin layer of cheese. Go and and make anyther layer of potato and onion, slat/pepper again, but now also pour some cream over everything. Make a thin layer of cheese again and do the final third layer of potatoes and onion. Again, slat/pepper, this time more cream and a thicker layer of cheese on top (see picture).

Put the form in the owen (200degrees) for about one hour. The cheese should be light brown before it's ready. Approx 45 mins into the own process, fry the schnitzel so it's ready at the same time as the gratang.

Stuff it in!

The picture doesn't do it right! This is a taste sensation, needs to be tested :)

Made and photographed: June 17, 2000