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Last updated:
October 19, 2001

Anders Eriksson


Marakonis with sibylla knäppkorv

This is the easiest to make so far! It's done in 10 minutes and doesn't cost much at all. "Knäppkorv" is a superb sausage made for cooking. There's nothing like a few sibylla knäppkorvs a cold winterday :-)

What you need to make this meal:

  • Makaronis (~10 min cookingtime). Make a big load. Cost: $0.2
  • 3 knäppkorvs (preferably sibylla). Cost: $0.7
  • A bit of cucumber. Cost: $0.1
  • A can of pearjuice. Cost: $0.3
  • A little bit of heinz ketchup. Cost: $0.1
In total it costs $1.4 to make.

Coming up are some pictures to illustrate the cookingsteps.

Ready, set..

Makaronis, cucumber, juice and sausages. Yep, no fryingpan needed, only two saucepans needed, or one if you cook makaronis and sausages in the same one, there is a risk the sausages get overcooked then though.


Yeah, from the start until the end is only 10 minutes! It's not that bad to eat either.

Made and photgraphed: June 13, 2000